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Reviews and Studies

International recommendations for an effective control of head louse infestations

Differing definitions and outcomes of “wet combing” in the eradication of head lice (pediculosis capitis) – 2018 (pdf)

Head Lice In Coronavirus Lockdown

Shared Wisdom on Combs and Combing for effective detection and eradication of head lice and nits – 2016 Edition (pdf)

The impact of well-developed preventative strategies on the eradication of head lice Perspectives in Public Health, 2009 (pdf)
This paper is a key reference for policy-makers. It is available on our website by kind permission of the original publishers. Navigate to page 166, (2 of 10) and on through to page 174
The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Perspectives in Public Health, Vol 129 No 4, July 2009 by SAGE Publications Ltd, All rights reserved. © Royal Society for Public Health 2009.

Updates on evidence and practical guidance on diagnosis, treatment and prevention are available from the NHS Clinical Knowledge Summary on head lice, accessible at: https://cks.nice.org.uk/head-lice#!topicsummary

Multi-country review shows that Bug Buster Kits reduce head lice and social stigma, 2007 (pdf)

Independent study proves that wet combing with the Bug Buster®comb greatly surpasses dry combing, 2007

Does Dimethicone clear head lice? (Drug Ther Bull, 2007) Our summary; our comments
This publication reviews silicone products like Hedrin® Lotion and Full Marks® Solution, compared with other products.

UK Department of Health advises use of a Bug Buster Kit alone as a treatment in NHS: Prevention and Treatment of Head Lice, 2007

Bug Buster Kit is more sustainable and cost effective than neuro-toxic insecticides, and acceptance is high, 2006

Dr Nigel Hill (1961-2010)

Independent study proves that Bug Buster Kit treatment is four times more effective than neuro-toxic insecticides British Medical Journal, 2005
“The success of fine toothed combing depends on the choice of comb”

Lice Congress, 2002

Our comments on the Cochrane review 1999-2001: Interventions For Treating Head Lice

Text book: Primary Health Care Guide to Common UK Parasitic Diseases

View chapter on Pediculosis

Review in Archives of Diseases in Childhood

More about the journal Perspectives in Public Health, (pdf)

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