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International recommendations for an effective control of head louse infestations

In this review, published in August 2020, leading specialists state: “Wet combing has been proven to be a more effective diagnostic procedure than inspection or dry combing“. This is a reference to a study led by Lapeere, which was made using the Bug Buster comb.

The review authors also set out the minimum standards that formulated products should reach, on the basis that “Only evidence-based effective products that are not harmful to children or the environment should come to market”. (Referenced to ten Bosch L, Habedank B, Siebert D, et al. 2019)  Unfortunately very few formulated products comply with these standards (Combescot-Lang et al. 2015; Vander Stichele et al. 1995)

As an alternative, they say:

“Systematic use of a louse comb over the 10-day period during which the louse embryo in the egg completes its development can remedy an infestation. Wet combing, or bug busting, requires training for correct execution, whether for diagnostic or therapeutic intent. It entails combing on days 0, 4, 8, and 12; using specific hair washing instructions with shampoo and conditioner; specific combs; and specific combing procedures.” (Referenced to Hill et al. 2005

CHC provides the necessary specific combs and instructions in the Bug Buster Kit. It has proved useful to health providers and parents of all socio-economic status. (See 

Overcoming health inequalities by using the Bug Busting ‘whole school approach’ to eradicate head lice, 2007 



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