The Best Head Lice and Nit Treatment – Bug Buster Kit

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Bug Buster Kit 9 out of 10 in Daily Mail

“For 33 years Community Hygiene Concern, a not-for-profit charity, has been privileged to help millions of families to defeat head lice and nits the Bug Busting way.”

The Only Treatment
You’ll Ever Need

  • Eradicate head lice and nits
  • More effective than chemicals
  • Reusable – detection and cure
  • Painless
  • Unique bevel edge comb design
  • Gold Standard Wet Combing
  • No expensive sprays or lotions
  • NHS approved and prescribed
  • Not-for-profit charity

Dr Hilary Jones, TV Doctor says “The Bug Buster Kit is ideal for their detection and eradication, and it allows you to carry on using your regular shampoo and conditioner.”

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Cure all the family for only £10.50 plus P&P

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The Bug Buster® kit is the only head lice removal (and detection) method that has been evaluated in randomized controlled trials, and it is available on the NHS.” NHS NICE CKS, Head Lice, December 2016

The Bug Buster wet combing kit scores 9/10, the best treatment for head lice compared with other products, scoring 3-6/10. The Daily Mail, 2014

The TV Doc, Dr Hilary Jones, advises families unable to get rid of head lice that our Bug Buster kit is ideal.   “No treatment is guaranteed to kill all head lice and their eggs. But the Bug Buster kit is ideal for their detection and eradication, and it allows you to carry on using your regular shampoo and conditioner. Follow the instructions and you should get rid of the problem for good.” 2007

The Bug Buster Kit is the first Head Lice Device Approved for NHS Prescription, free for children diagnosed with lice. Ask your pharmacist, health visitor, school or practice nurse, or GP.

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Extra Help for Parents with Young Children

Bug Buster Kit comes to the rescue when Kipper Gets Nits!

  • A sensitively written story about finding and dealing with head lice from Oxford University Press
  • Ideal for parents to read with young children

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Bug Buster Kit with Kipper Gets Nits! (paperback) only £17.60 inc. P&P
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For Schools

Schools and nurseries requiring a free sample of a Bug Buster detection comb with step by step instructions should contact our Help Line on 01908 561928 or email us at

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Bug Busting is gold standard wet combing, the NHS recommended first line treatment for head lice

For Pharmacists

This product is of particular value to families to check the outcome of medication for head lice, as recommended in the NHS leaflet The prevention and treatment of head lice. As the leaflet points out, no treatment is sure to kill the eggs, and it is advisable to check for baby lice that can hatch from the surviving eggs.

The Bug Buster combs are unsurpassed in their ability to lift out tiny, newly-hatched lice.  The Bug Buster Kit contains three brilliant Bug Busters plus the superlative Nit Buster comb.

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Bug Buster Kit – Pip code 233-1783
Approved for NHS prescription.

Pharmacies can obtain supplies from Special Obtains at AAH, Alcura (Alliance Healthcare), Phoenix Healthcare, Medicare and Sangers.

The Bug Buster Kit is on the drug tariff, part lXA

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For Health Providers

The Bug Buster Kit is a registered medical device on free NHS prescription for children since September 2002.

Why is Bug Busting wet combing special?

To help parents and healthcare providers achieve a lasting solution to the persistent problem of head lice and nits, our charity developed the original Bug Busting wet combing method.

Reliable detection, even when there are only a few lice present, and even in really curly hair, became possible. The unique, bevel-edged teeth of the Bug Buster and Nit Buster combs work brilliantly with gentle shampoo and hair conditioner. For treatment, there is no dependence on louse-killing formulated products.

Instead, the Bug Buster Kit instructions explain precisely how you can simply break the life-cycle by periodically removing lice over the hatching period. Simultaneously you learn how to recognize any new incoming lice. No lotion can tell you if you have caught more egg-laying lice between doses.

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