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Bug Buster Kit – Pip code 233-1783
Approved for NHS prescription.

Pharmacies can obtain supplies from Special Obtains at AAH, Alcura (Alliance Healthcare), Phoenix Healthcare, Medicare and Sangers.

Why use the Bug Buster® Kit

This product is of particular value to families to check the outcome of medication for head lice, as recommended in the NHS leaflet The prevention and treatment of head lice. As the leaflet points out, no treatment is sure to kill the eggs, and it is advisable to check for baby lice that can hatch from the surviving eggs. The Bug Buster combs are unsurpassed in their ability to lift out tiny, newly-hatched lice.

The Bug Buster Kit is on the drug tariff, part lXA,
HEAD LICE DEVICE, and pharmacies participating in Minor Ailment Schemes may prescribe it in addition to medication. This prevents parents from being taken unaware by the failure of medication. They get to know in time that the infestation needs further treatment to complete eradication. The Bug Buster Kit is also purchased off-the-shelf by parents. Schools recommend it for national head louse detection days, the Bug Busting Days, that our charity established in partnership with the Departments of Health and Education.


Bug Buster Wet Combing Kit Data Sheet

BUG BUSTER® KIT for reliable detection and treatment of head lice, and comfortable removal of nits by GOLD STANDARD wet combing

“The Bug Buster® kit is the only head lice removal (and detection) method that has been evaluated in randomized controlled trials*, and it is available on the NHS.”
December 2016 NICE CKS

Head Lice Device

The Bug Buster Kit contains 3 durable plastic, bevel edge Bug Buster combs, 1 Nit Buster comb, 1 wide tooth comb, a protective cape, and full instructions on the detection and treatment of head lice using the Bug Busting® wet combing method and subsequent Nit Busting to remove unsightly nits.

The Bug Buster Kit works in combination with ordinary shampoo and ordinary hair conditioner – no additional medicated product is required.

It is reusable by a whole family for louse detection and treatment of infestation.

Clinical particulars – therapeutic indications

To detect and remedy head infestation by systematic elimination of head lice, and, if desired, easy nit removal for cosmetic purposes.

Method of administration

Wash hair with usual shampoo, rinse, apply hair conditioner generously, untangle and straighten hair with wide tooth comb. With the slanted edge of the teeth held towards the scalp, pass a Bug Buster comb from roots to tips, section by section, until no more lice are found. Clear the comb of lice between strokes, by wiping both sides on paper towel or rinsing. Typically the time required to cover the whole head ranges from 2 minutes for short, straight hair to 30 minutes for long, frizzy hair. Rinse off conditioner and comb wet hair again with a mini Bug Buster comb and then the Nit Buster comb. Repeat 3 times at half weekly intervals (a total of 4 sessions in 2 weeks). If re-infestation occurs, recognisable by the presence of full-grown lice at session 2, 3 or 4, further half-weekly sessions must continue, until no full-grown lice have been seen at 3 consecutive sessions. A person who is undergoing Bug Busting wet combing will not pass on lice between sessions, but can still catch new lice.
Also used to check the efficacy of any treatment choice 5, 9 and 12/13 days after first application (on day 1).

Marketing authorisation

Registered medical device, UK: CA 006936, 3 May 2001; GMDN: UKCA
September 2002 Drug Tariff, Part IXA (appliance, available on NHS prescription)

May 2021 Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR): Bug Buster Kit (NL-CA002-60068) CE MD

Pip code: 233-1783
Net NHS price = £5.14 from October 2021

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