The Bug Buster Kit – The Best Way To Beat Head Lice

Gold Standard
Wet Combing

bug-buster-kit-centre-with-combs-2021Reusable – Ideal for detection & eradication without using neuro-toxic pesticides or other expensive ingredients, or to check the efficacy of any treatment – as advised by the Department of Health

Effectiveup to four times more effective than neuro-toxic pesticide treatments

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What is in the Bug Buster® Kit?

4 unique precision combs with deeply bevelled teeth, which remove the lice and nits that other combs may miss.

2 x Mini Bug Buster

Essential for total louse detection and removal
Great for detection on young heads and final checks for all

Maxi Bug Buster
Maximum useful span for Bug Busting®

Nit Buster
Comfortable removal of unsightly egg shells after Bug Busting


Wide-tooth comb
untangles and straightens before you bust the bug

Step-by-step instructions
Explanatory booklet
Protective cape and fun stickers!


Head lice next to a pin and matchstick to show scale

The Bug Buster Comb in action

Rinsing the comb of lice

The Nit Buster Comb removes unsightly egg shells (‘nits’)

The health and education charity, Community Hygiene Concern, an organisation dedicated to solving the head louse problem, pioneered wet combing in the 1990s.  The charity performed the R&D to identify the best wet combing method, leading to the production of the ultimate Bug Buster Kit 1998.  This action research is described at  

Today UK Health & Beauty markets an exact replica of the Bug Buster Kit 1998. 
The Bug Buster and Nit Buster combs are registered designs.


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