The Bug Buster® brings great relief to families experiencing treatment failure, as described in feedback from a typical user, who phoned our Help Line and “had a lovely long phone conversation”. Prior to using the Bug Buster Kit this young mother described her head as “itching far beyond the amount of lice” she could find, which was only one in her hair and nothing in her daughter’s. Thinking she had ‘nothing to lose’ by trying Bug Busting, she said “I just combed through my daughter’s hair with the BB comb (bear in mind I had already combed thoroughly with a regular nit comb) and…OMG>>> OMG>>> I found at least 100 lice of all different sizes from teeny tiny to huge…I can only thank you, and say I’m so glad I found your site”.

A huge thank you for the Bug Buster Kit. I am amazed at the results. I have four children and we have been plagued with head lice for ages. I am pleased to say they are now clear. I was especially pleased with the small purple comb that removes empty eggshells.The only way to get on top of head lice is for all parents to start Bug Busting at the same time to break the cycle, and the more parents are educated the better.

Parent in Folkestone, Kent, who encouraged her children’s schools to take part in the national Bug Busting Days

The thing I like most is that it puts me in control of the head lice situation

A Bug Buster Kit user in New Zealand

The high quality support materials your team has devised, which together with the endorsement of the published research, inspired me with confidence

Parent in Birmingham

I was very sceptical about using a product that would not actually kill the lice and eggs. I am aware that there are so many chemical and non-chemical products on the market at present and I have used them with no rapid effect. The first time that I used the Bug Buster combs, I was truly shocked. The amount of lice, from the smaller ones to the large crawlers, that the yellow combs got out. (My only regret is that I never took photos of what I got in just one session.) I can truthfully say that these are the best combs I have ever used. The second time, once again, I was extremely happy with how these simple and effective combs worked. After completing treatment, I can finally say this little girl who had head lice constantly, has no more. I think all school nurses, health visitors and doctors should be made aware of the Bug Buster Kit and pharmacies should stock it. In addition, I believe the government should take action against ineffective products. You have never given advice or information that the Bug Buster Kit has not lived up to. A very big thank-you to you all.

Abridged letter from a parent in Yorkshire

My son brought a Bug Buster comb home from school on Friday…together with a head full of lice. We have been wet combing the whole family. My husband accidentally bent 2 prongs on the comb, so I moved onto some of the other 5 combs we own, only to find out that your comb is FAR superior to any of them!!!

A family who had lived in the tropics, recently returned to England

Dear Bugbusters,

I had to email a special thank you for finally freeing our family of head lice after 2 months of expensive treatments. We had been spending up to 12 hours a week on head lice and were left spinning with all the contradictory advice coming our way from the various over-the-counter products.

Thank you so much not only for your brilliantly designed combs – by far the best of the dozen we’ve tried – but for your thorough information about the life cycle of the head louse, which has helped us to stay on top of the problem and given us the understanding needed to persevere.

I am also personally grateful to you for not including in your literature any blown-up photographs of actual head lice in full “attack mode” – I have noticed that other more expensive products are keen on frightening families with pictures such as these, and they’re not strictly necessary. Your little life-sized drawings gave us a much better idea of what we were looking for, and the cartoon bugs are much less frightening to children. My toddler, rather than crying and wailing, now has a good-bye chat with any bugs that appear on the comb!

On top of all this, you managed to deliver the kit within 48 hours at the height of the Christmas period.
I’ll be recommending you everywhere. Keep up the excellent work.

Kindest regards,


Letter from a parent in Exeter

Hi bugbusters

Thanks for being there, for me, and my family. Your system has never let us down and I’m so happy to be able to avoid dubious and expensive chemicals. I first used your treatment in 2000… Thanks for getting this absolutely right, I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

I still enjoy referring back to the facts set out in the bug buster kit. It says how children enjoy looking at the sizes of the bugs, so do I, even though I need glasses and a magnifying glass to do so these days.

I’ve been using my Bug Buster Kit weekly as there have been texts home from school re head lice and I’m delighted with it. My kids think the combs are so much more comfortable than the other ones I’ve used….

Parent in 2010

I have a cupboard full of shampoos that I have never used because the kit has always worked brilliantly. I prefer not to use the chemicals if they are not needed

Online customer

If I see another one of those ghastly generic ‘how to detect lice’ things on poorly photocopied paper which you just KNOW is being ignored by nearly every parent in the school, I shall scream!

Thanks to your colourful combs, great info and those fantastic pictures of the lice, your lice detection/eradication system is actually fun (my son just couldn’t WAIT to get the combs through his hair!)… Oh, and I’ve taken to talking VERY LOUDLY in the playground about your combs (just so those parents whose precious little angels couldn’t possibly pick up lice get the message!) Once again, many thanks for all your help.

Theresa, by email

Best combs I’ve ever found! We got a free sample years ago in the nursery I worked at….I keep hunting them out ever since….just been back on the website to buy some more. As I work in a school as well as having kids AND long hair…the teeth eventually break off….only on my 3rd set in 15 years though…not bad going! I really do think your products are the best. Julie x

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