Primary Health Care Guide to Common UK Parasitic Diseases


First Edition 1998  ISBN: 0 9533144 05
Edited by  José Figueroa, Susan Hall, Joanna Ibarra

An authoritative, comprehensive source of guidance on pediculosis, scabies, toxocariasis and toxoplasmosis, this textbook offers easy-reference, practical advice on prevention, recognition and effective management within the context of an overall eradication strategy…more

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  • Information you need to underpin a cost and time effective approach overcoming the disruption caused by parasites commonly affecting people in the UK
  • 75 pages illustrated text plus introduction, user-friendly ring-bound, attractive design
  • Sections on solving the head louse problem, plus sections on crab and clothing lice, on scabies and a further section on pesticides for topical use; sections on toxocariasis and toxoplamosis; comprehensive glossary; photocopiable educational leaflets

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